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We’ve got something as high-flying as a sky god’s tears for your taste buds – introducing our newest Ethiopian gem, straight from the Guji Highland Coffee Plantation. These beans thrive in the wild, semi-forest terrain at altitudes so lofty that even your morning coffee cup feels like a VIP trip to the clouds, clocking in at 2,000 to 2,150 meters above sea level. Established back in 2012, this estate doesn’t just follow coffee production guidelines; it treats them like sacred scrolls! And guess what? They’re all about community spirit, engaging smallholders nearby with training and guidance. It’s like a coffee Hogwarts up in there!

But wait, there’s more! Forget about Kaldi the goatherder – the Oromo people of Guji have a coffee origin story so deep, you’d think they’re rewriting coffee history. Their sky god, Waaqa, was so moved by a loyal servant’s untimely demise that he brought forth a brand new coffee plant from the earth with his tears. Move over, mythological creatures; Waaqa’s the real MVP! From the 10th century until today, coffee’s been the Oromo’s trusty sidekick, fueling their epic journeys and cherished for its energizing vibes. So, join us in sipping this coffee magic, roasted to perfection by our two bearded coffee wizards, Derek and Josh. It’s not just great taste; it’s a sip of history, culture, and a sprinkle of heavenly tears!

Flavor Notes: White Grape | Mango | Lemon Candy
Roast Level: Light
Processing: Natural
Sub Region: Guji Highlands
Varietal: Heirloom
Recommended Brew Method: Cold Brew, Pour Over, Drip