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Introducing the Burundi Turihamwe, a coffee produced entirely by women farmers and processed at the Gitemezi wet mill in the Ngozi Province. The wet mill and quality team is entirely women-led and works closely with trained Q Graders on best quality practices and lot curation. This coffee is IWCA certified and generates end-of-year premiums for all involved, supporting a cause we care deeply about.

The Burundi Turihamwe is a beard favorite, with a bright, sparkling acidity and deep sweetness. We tasted blackberry jam, vanilla, milk chocolate, and an array of citrus notes on light roast. Roasted by your favorite bearded dudes, Derek and Josh, it’s perfect for a pour-over or Nitro Brew. Try it out today and experience not just great taste, but a coffee with a story and a purpose.

Flavor Notes: Blackberry Jam | Vanilla | Milk Chocolate
Roast Level: Light
Processing: Washed
Sub Region: Ngozi Province
Varietal: Bourbon
Recommended Brew Method: Cold Brew, Pour Over, Drip